Rowupdating event fires twice

04-Aug-2017 12:45

When this event exits though, I get the following error: I see that the Updating event on the datasource is being called after the Row Updating event.

I have tried to cancel this event to prevent the multiple update attempts, but then nothing happens and the Grid View stays in edit mode.

I have no idea how to set buffer on function in controller.

If anyone knows how to set buffer on function in controller please let me know.

I need to do the Select and Edit in the code behind because I have to change schema prefix in the sql statement depending on the current user.

I am assuming that I have to play with record of persons (First Name, Last Name, Age) and I will refer only these data through out this article. just to give you flexibility to not show scroll bar for long screens. Panel with card layout (called viewport and I will refer to it as such from now on) defining the important sections of my application.