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30-Aug-2017 00:34

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Over 500 responses were excluded, the vast majority because the participant was under the age of 17 (below the required age to take part) or where it was obvious that false information had been provided.

The survey was carried out among self-selecting individuals.

Dating in Ireland these days is about “hooking up” online; more often for men and bisexual women than for heterosexual women.

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So are some other old prom-era chestnuts: Teen boys are primarily—obsessively?

Managing your asthma well means: "My partner panics sometimes when I'm wheezy and I have to remind him to stay calm.

A while ago I gave him a handy Asthma UK advice card on what to do when someone's having an asthma attack. If you do have some symptoms on a date, it can help to remember that asthma is very common and it’s likely your date won’t think anything much of you using your inhaler.

Once a student has sex, it becomes less of an issue in future relationships.

," but don't hold its too-cute title against it—looked at how and when high-school students choose mates and their preferences when searching for a partner.(Casual was defined as…no stated strings attached, sex outside a committed relationship, and no expectations expressed.) One Night Stands – 14% admitted to at least one in the last six months.

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