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But the flocks of drunk Brits are attracting criminals, the Foreign Office said.It added: “Tourists are targeted by thieves and pickpockets in Sunny Beach.“There has been an increase in burglaries from hotel rooms."Prostitution is not illegal in Bulgaria, unless it is organised in brothels, but it is believed to be linked to the criminal underworld of the European country.In 2000, 150 women were rescued from traffickers and 22 pimps were indicted.From March 2000 to August 2001, the International Organization for Migration helped repatriate 63 trafficked women.Authorities arrested 34 suspected members of a Bulgarian syndicate that had sought “total control” of the sex trade in the Costa del Sol town, which is popular with British and German holidaymakers.Police raided 21 properties and seized valuables including Rolex watches that are thought to have been stolen from tourists visiting brothels.Descend until your back knee nearly touches the floor.

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Police said that clients were often plied with alcohol and drugs before being robbed.

All of them were made up and smelled of freshly daubed perfume, hardly a bedtime preparation. Also heroin and tobacco.” In the Bulgarian capital, Vasil, a 32-year-old policeman who heads a squad that targets human trafficking, said: “Before, Bulgaria was just a transit country for sex slaves.