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24-Jan-2018 13:53

And maybe it's a stodgy old person thing to "blame the internet" for society's ills (I write as a drink my Metamucil and Maker's).In all seriousness, I realize online dating wasn't the genesis of this myopic conception of love, but it has reinforced it to a tremendous degree.As Greek mythology and classic sculpture have characterized the Versace world since the beginning, so the perfection of the male body is evoked with an allusion to Eros, the god of love.Versace Eros is a fragrance for a strong, passionate man, who is master of himself.

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Love, passion, beauty, and desire are the key concepts behind the new men’s fragrance by Versace.

Eros International PLC is estimated to report earnings on 09/08/2017.

The upcoming earnings date is derived from an algorithm based on a company's historical reporting dates.

The value of the distance of 433 Eros is also available as a real time updated value in the Live Position and Data Tracker.

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The following chart is the predicted light curve (visual magnitude as a function of time) of Asteroid 433 Eros, according to the most recent ephemerides data.Click on each row of the table to locate Asteroid 433 Eros in our Online Planetarium at the chosen date.