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21-Jan-2018 03:15

Acer notebook owners find the latest updates for their systems and install them easily.Zoom Earth shows new NASA satellite images every day.

Zoom into near-live satellite images from NASA MODIS Terra and Aqua satellites (updated daily), and world maps from Bing Maps.

of cases I have come across – in order for the Metro tiles to work, we need our screen resolution to be more than 1024×768.

So make sure you have a display resolution on or over 1024×768.

Sometimes this indicates a "white label" software product sold for rebranded use by other publishers.

Ace Gain sold such a product about ten years ago but mainly for game publishers. ASUS, a laptop manufacturer, uses the name for its software to locate and install driver, BIOS, and network card updates.This is why you should send this message to all your contacts.